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We are go-getters

We create inspiring, engaging virtual experiences, in infinitely vast and varied ways.

We love venturing into fresh territories, exploring new mediums and using breakthrough technology to keep our audiences engaged. We give our all to everything, from the briefest meeting to the biggest projects, and we always aim to make it meaningful, to make an impact and make a difference.

We go beyond

We continue to evolve and offer creative solutions for all kinds of formats, platforms and genres.

Malapati means ‘the point at which two rivers meet’, a name that captures our energy and adaptability. We are ardent collaborators, we embrace the unusual, and we relish the opportunity to do something different. This is how, like a winding waterway, we have carved a distinct, indelible impression.


We go all out

Give us a blank canvas and we’ll bring it to life.

We are experienced in multiple industry disciplines and have a burning desire to continually up-skill and reinvent. We work with tight professional teams and bring together the best for each different project. We go where others don’t, we always go for gold, and we go to the ends of the earth for our clients.