“With confidence, I can assure anyone who selects to work with Malapati of an outcome beyond the original expectations, and the pleasure of working with a dedicated, committed and professional team that can stand their ground in the global production world.”

Jane Badham | Managing Director

JB Consultancy

We have now worked together for almost 10 years and what a pleasure it has been working with the entire Malapati team over the years. The last 2 years in particular have pushed us beyond our normal production scope, however I am incredibly proud of how together we have constantly continued to innovate and develop new offerings.


The thing that stands out for me is your constant drive for excellence and perfection, your equipment is state of the art and your team passionate and dedicated. At a time when agility and speed of execution is key, you continue to deliver across all fronts and on every single job we have worked on together. What I also really value is the collaborative way we always approach each challenge, striving for the best way to execute and take the production to the next level.


We look forward to many more years working together as we continue to push the boundaries of technical innovation and production.

Mark Vorwerg | MD & Executive Producer

JLP Television

360 Degrees has enjoyed a strong relationship with Malapati over the past 12 years. Their dedication, attention to detail, knowledge and expertise ensures an outstanding end product, every time. They are continually striving to produce the best work possible, and never accept “good enough”. Working closely with this team is always a great experience. They are principled and keep things light!

Megan Willson | CEO Creative Director

360 Degrees

“It’s been my pleasure to work with the team at Malapati on some ambitious and challenging projects. Their experience, diligence and can-do attitude brought stability and creativity in equal measure.

What a joy to work with!”

Andy Rowe | Executive Producer

UK Entertainment

“I have worked with the Malapati team for over two decades now and in all that time they have been nothing less than awesome, always professional and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver yet another outstanding production. Thanks Dirk, Nino and your crew for being amazing.”

Tanya Logan | General Manager

Blue Apple Publishing